In the course of engaging with our diocese, protests and engagements will manifest in various forms. One of these will be the withholding of monetary funds and redirecting them to more justified causes than supporting legal settlement/lawsuits and lavish clerical lifestyles, targeting those leaders who have betrayed the laity’s trust. Rather than having them wonder about dwindling incoming accounts, it is helpful to inform these bishops in more tangible ways that they are missing out on our generosity. One creative way of doing this is sending “St. Joseph Bucks” to the archdiocese in lieu of what you would have ordinarily donated. These should be placed in the offering basket to inform the local parish of the protest, as well as a separate mailing of these protest bucks to the archdiocese. Please select, copy and paste any of these images into a document and print the appropriate denominations out for these purposes. If the thought of placing play money into an envelope is not your style, there is another very effective method to leverage your donations with conditions. You can find that tactic here.