Blow the Trumpet! . . .aka “The Whistle Blower Campaign”

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viagno’

In celebration of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s public testimony 1 year ago (August 25, 2018) we are celebrating his courageous act with this campaign, attempting to obtain information on Theodore McCarrick that has not yet been publicized. We are targeting former friends/colleagues and/or those who have openly taken the position AGAINST investigating Theodore McCarrick’s various and sundry extra curricular activities. These individuals are: Cardinal Richard J. Malone, Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, Cardinal Blaise J. Cupich, Cardinal Wilton Gregory, Bishop Steve Biegler, Bishop Robert W. McElroy, Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski, Archbishop Michael O’ Jackels, Archbishop John C. Wester, Fr. Timothy van Zee, I.V.E., Msgr Robert J. Fuhrman, Msgr. Edward J. Filardi, Fr David Vidal, Fr. Adam Park, Msgr. Thomas Nydegger, Rev. Thomas Dente, Fr. Joseph Doyle, Fr. Joseph R Reilly, Father Zygmunt Kurzawinski, Bishop Barry Knestnout, and Monsignor K. Bartholomew Smith.

Cardinal Blaise Cupich awarding then Cardinal Theodore McCarrick the Catholic Extension’s 2016 Spirit of Francis Award on October 27, 2016 at the Metropolitan Club of New York in Manhattan

The email addresses for the individuals are as follows:


Please join the St. Joseph’s Battalion in writing your own letter or feel free to copy and use ours.

Dear colleague/friend of Theodore McCarrick:

This week we celebrate the righteous courage and bravery of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’, who on August 25, 2018 released his now famous testimony as an open letter, which revealed a disturbing network of corruption within the hierarchy of the Church.  The effect of this letter upon the Catholic Church is impossible to overstate.  Indeed, Bishop Robert Barron has called this revelation the unveiling of the most serious scandal that the American Church has ever faced. 

Therefore, these are days when extraordinary moral clarity and courage need to be demonstrated by our priests and apostolic shepherds.  Wolves have entered into the sheepfold.  The enemy has breached the wall.  Now is the day, when men of courage need to stand up as watchmen on the wall, as they did in Nehemiah’s day, when they returned from their exile and started rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, with tools, swords and trumpets at their side, ready to sound the alarm and defend their beloved and crumbled Jerusalem.  I call on you to do so now.  Will history show your legacy to be akin to the now recognized heroism of Archbishop Vigano’?  Or, will it be one of silence and abetting the corruption in your ranks?  “The Child’s Victim Act” was passed in New York on Valentine’s Day 2019, which allows people of any age to file a civil suit regardless of when the alleged abuse took place.  A version of this law is likely coming to your state.  Your time to act honorably, without being forced by the law, is limited.

I believe you may have information regarding McCarrick’s leprous influence beyond what the public already knows. I strongly encourage you to release this information, either via a well publicized open letter, or through the media. I request that you follow the lead of Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo and Archbishop Vigano’, being a trumpet blower for the good of the future of our Church. Unwrapping this hidden leprosy will expose it for proper treatment.  Keeping it hidden will only lead to a further disfigurement of the Church.  I implore you to do the right thing.

Viva Cristo Rey!


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  1. L.M.

    Please send me the emails to my emailXXXXXXXXXXXX
    I can’t seem to get a copy paste from your email. I got it one time, but then something froze up. Then, it wouldn’t send. I really don’t know what the glitch is. Can smartphones handle that many addresses? But why freezing up? If others are experiencing this, we won’t be too successful in our writing campaigns.

    1. admin

      Check you inbox.

  2. Linda Maloney

    Hi. I resent a complete letter when then all the addresses were red and mine was blue. I said yes to send. I checked my sent file,and it only shows to me.

    1. admin

      I recommend copying the text, and “special pasting” it as “text only” into a Word document. Do the same for the email addresses. Then copy and paste the email addresses from the Word document into the bcc option (not cc) section and the text of the letter into the body of the email . . modify the body of the email as you wish at that point. Then send. From what I remember, sending a few weeks ago, there were 1 or two invalid addresses that should be fixed in this latest version, which will result in you receiving a response that indicates which address is not working.

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