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Please “sign” and indicate your support and agreement with Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’ (who is currently in hiding, but has access to electronic communication) in the “Leave a Reply” section below. In order to minimize the chances of retribution of the Church towards any of its employees, we are asking all to not sign with your full name, use your initials and diocese instead. Signatories do NOT need to be members of St. Joseph’s Battalion.

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  1. admin

    R.W. Chicago

  2. B.G. Indianapolis

    God bless, comfort and encourage you Archbishop Vigano and you continue to stand against the homosexual scandal in the Church. Thank you for your unshakable courage in these perilous times.

  3. Gina

    G.M. Allentown

  4. tcb

    Tim Biondo

  5. E.R.

    I have great admiration for the virile courage of Archbishop Viganò. I pray for him every day. Wherever you are you are a source of strength for us

  6. A.M.

    You have my daily prayers Archbishop Viganò with my profound admiration

  7. JK


  8. L.G.

    L. G. Seattle
    W. G. Seattle

  9. C.B.

    C.B in Canada – Praying Our Lady bring you daily to Her Son so He can cover you with His Precious Blood and keep you safe in His Arms of Mercy. Thank you for your courage Archbishop Vigano.

  10. N.G.

    N. G. Galveston/Houston

  11. LB

    LB, Altoona-Johnstown

  12. M.D.

    Archbishop, thank you for your courage. God bless you.

    Michael, Phoenix

  13. SK

    May God bless you and keep you safe.

    Portland, ME

  14. J. M.


  15. E.M. Concón, Chile

    Archbishop, thank you. Viva Cristo Rey!
    Edgar – Concón, Chile

  16. Michele

    MEG, Wilmington, DE

  17. C.H.

    CHA – Pittsburgh, PA

  18. J

    JC Joliet, IL

  19. LS

    L.S. Praying for our priests, Bishops, and Pope. God Bless you Archbishop Vigano! Viva Crista Rey

  20. M.V.

    M.V. Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD

  21. C. S.

    Archdiocese of Detroit.

    God bless you and strengthen you in your quest for purification of the Church!

  22. S.D.

    God Bless You! Truth wins in the end!

    La Crosse diocese

  23. P.B.

    God bless all and bring all into the loving embrace of Jesus
    P.B . Hearst Canada

  24. S.O.



    God Bless You! We think of you often.

  25. J.A.

    Thank you for putting God first.

  26. Rentler

    Dr. And Mrs. Russell Rentler Allentown, PA USA

  27. M.A.M.M.

    New Hampshire

  28. J. V.

    Jesus Vazquez
    Wakefield, Massachusetts. USA
    Archdiocese of Boston

    Thank you for what you did.

  29. J. V.

    Jeśus Vazquez Wakefield MA. USA

    Thank you for what you did your Excellency.

  30. R.W.

    Thanks for your courage. You are not alone.

  31. GG

    There is only one truth. God will prevail.
    Thank you so much for revealing what offends our saviour.
    May God bless you and keep you safe.
    GG Ottawa Ontario

  32. JKC

    JKC, Tyler Diocese
    Praying for you and our faithful Bishop Strickland.

  33. Eric

    God bless you Bishop Vigano
    In time you will be redeemed.

    Viva Christo Rey

  34. J.K.C.

    You are a true hero to those of us who love the Church and are praying for its purification. Thank you for your uncompromising faith.

  35. FC

    FC, Burlington, VT

    Thank you for your example of courage in the face of such evil.

  36. TSH

    TSH Toledo

  37. KK

    Praying for your safety and well being, Archbishop Vigano and for the conversion of my Bishop and Diocese

  38. C. W.

    God bless you for your bravery in the face of truth!

  39. J.K.

    Sacramento CA.

  40. Maria Burmaster

    MB, New Orleans, Louisiana
    Thank you Archbishop.

  41. jay

    YOUR witness to the TRUTH and the call to Holiness is such a source of HOPE and Grace to all of us who still believe in “the holy Catholic Church” May God strengthen and uphold you dear Cardinal Vigano…we will always be grateful.. Stay close to the Heart of Jesus Viva Christo Rey

  42. Joy Connery

    JC diocese of Tyler, TX

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